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Use separate brushes and rollers for oil-based and water-based paints and finishes because any residue of either paint left on the bristles or roller acts like glue when it comes into contact with the other. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your Dynamic paintbrushes and rollers will provide the same high quality results for years to come. Always clean brushes and rollers immediately after use, referring to Dynamic packaging and the paint can label for product-specific cleaning instructions. If you'll be continuing your painting project the next day, wrap paint-covered brushes and rollers tightly with plastic wrap and store in a cool, dark place overnight.

Cleaning Your Paintbrush
After using oil-based paint, spin your brush with a Dynamic Brush and Roller Spinner. Wash the brush with the thinner or solvent recommended on the paint can label, such as Dynamic VARSOL or Kwik Clean, or use Dynamic Paint Thinner (Mineral Spirits). Continue rinsing with the appropriate thinner or solvent until the brush is clean. Do not rinse natural-bristle brushes with water - it makes them swell and become very soft and difficult to paint with in the future.

After using water-based paint, spin your brush then rinse with Dynamic Paint Thinner (Mineral Spirits) then wash with warm water and a detergent containing petroleum distillates, which break down paint better than plain hand soap or dish soap. Finish by rinsing with fresh water until the brush is clean.

Brush/Roller Spinner
Cleaning Your Roller
Clean your roller cover and handle with the appropriate cleaner for the paint type you are using, as described above. Use a Dynamic Brush and Roller Spinner to eliminate excess water or paint thinner. Then, dry the roller cover with a towel or clean rag and stand on end until it is completely dry.

For more information about any of Dynamic’s products or for additional painting tips and tricks, browse Get Painting 101 or visit one of our dealers.

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